The association

PROMMATA : a non profit asociation

PROMMATA, whose head office and workshop are located in the old railway station of Rimont in Ariege (France), was established primarily to serve and support farmers working with draft animal power.
PROMMATA currently has 350 members and offers several activities : supporting and advising project developers, informing people by publishing "The Members Letter’, building and promoting the Mamata.

The association functioning

PROMMATA’s approach is purely associative : non profit spirit and goals, democratic management, small scale. Resources come from members (gifts and subscriptions), tools sales, and the formations we give. We spend a big part of our time researching, designing, testing and finishing new tools in our workshop. We share information and give formations for farmer working with draft animals. In our international missions, the goal is still the same : sharing and mutual assistance between farmers by transfering simple, cost efficient, DIY, and locally adapted tools.

“PROMMATA’s creation was based on the assessment that “technical progress is not received equally by all men, and the resulting development is less and less equal for all ; because of this there is a bigger and bigger gap between the powerful and the weak, the privileged and the deprived, the rich and the poor ; and public or private research institutes don’t give enough attention to the most humble people’s problems, especially the small farmer’s. Besides the latter are struggling more and more to find the equipment goods they need at a reasonable price, which force them to either equip themselves beyond their means or either resign themselves to stagnation.”
“The association’s goal is to look for ways to fill the gaps lefts by this blind progress, in order to stretch starvation helping the small farmers to produce more, which is also the best way to rise their human conditions and bing back their dignity”


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